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Kaluta: Batman: Cat's Cradle (Color)
Batman: Cat's Cradle (Color)

Batman: Cat's Cradle (Color)

A year later I was asked by another editor if I'd paint the cover up for inclusion in an omnibus dedicated to the release of Batman Begins. When I asked if it were to be a Cover, he said no, a pin-up. I mentioned that a pin-up wouldn't need to be painted: did he mean he wanted the piece colored, like a comic book page (after all, both the painting of a piece and the printing of a painted piece are expensive propositions, much more than the coloring of a page and printing of same)?

Well, he said "Oh No: we really want it painted!"

Cool! But they really didn't... it was an editorial mix up. What was needed for the piece was normal comic book page coloring. Still, they got a painted Batman Image. Someday maybe they'll use it!

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