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Kaluta's Tolkien Calendar: Faramir and Éowyn
Faramir and Éowyn

Faramir and Éowyn

Requested because it is a beautiful moment in the Tolkien story, and because Faramir got such short shrift in the otherwise terrific Lord Of the Rings trilogy of films, here's Faramir of Gondor and Éowyn of Rohan in the garden of The Houses of Healing at the moment the eagle brings news of the downfall of Sauron. In triptych fashion, we see echoes of their previous lives: Faramir as a Ranger in Ithilien on the left side, bow bent, and, on the right, Éowyn dons her male warrior disguise beneath the Dimholt before riding to brave deeds and sacrifice on the Pelennor Fields.

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