Spectrum 10 Awards, 2003

Press Notice. For Immediate Release 2/24/03

Award Winners

The jury for the tenth annual Spectrum competition convened in Kansas City, MO on the weekend February 21, 2003 to make their selections from over 3500 works of fantastic-themed art for this year's book. The jury has given special recognition for superior achievement to the following artists in each of seven categories. The artists receive a Spectrum Award sculpted by Joseph DeVito which rests on a base sculpted by Tom Banwell with either a gold or silver engraved plate bearing the recipients name.

The jury consisted of Mark Chiarello [art director/artist], Robert Eggleton [artist], C.F. Payne [artist], Bud Plant [illustration historian], Kelley Seda [artist], and Michael Whelan [artist]. Art works created by jurors were excluded from consideration for awards.

All of the works selected by the judges (nearly 300 pieces by artists spanning the globe) will be included in Spectrum 10: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art to be published by Underwood Books of Nevada City, CA in October, 2003. Spectrum is distributed to the trade by Publishers Group West, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Diamond Comic Distributors. The series' editors are Cathy and Arnie Fenner. Please join us in applauding these exceptional talents!


Gold Award: Dave McKean ("The Silver Snail"/client: The Silver Snail)
Silver Award: Donato Giancola ("Star Wars Galaxies"/client: LucasArts Ltd.)


Gold Award: Charles Vess ("A Circle of Cats" [cover]/client: Viking Books)
Silver Award: Kinuko Y. Craft ("Sleeping Beauty" [cover]/client: SeaStar Books)


Gold Award: Jon Foster ("Hunter #16" [cover]/client: Vertigo/DC Comics)
Silver Award: Christopher Moeller ("Lucifer #28" [cover]/client: Vertigo/DC Comics)


Gold Award: Lawrence Northey ("Greetings and Salutations from the Planet Grape"/client: Randall & Kay Richmond)
Silver Award: William Basso ("The Warlord"/client: Eldritch Design, Inc.)


Gold Award: James Gurney ("T. Rex Drinking"/client: Discover Magazine)
Gold Award: Omar Rayyan ("Turtle Race"/client: Spider Magazine)


Gold Award: Peter deSÚve ("Call For Entries Poster"/client: Society of Illustrators)
Silver Award: Eric Bowman ("Iron Maiden"/client: self-promotion)


Gold Award: Eric Joyner ("The Last Tinman")
Silver Award: Peter Meseldzija ("The Dawn of the Day")

GRAND MASTER AWARD (presented by the Spectrum Board)

Michael William Kaluta
The Spectrum Grand Master Award is presented to a living artist for career excellence.

For additional information please contact Tim Underwood/Underwood Books, P.O. Box 1919, Nevada City, CA 95959 *or* Cathy Fenner/Spectrum, P.O. Box 4422, Overland Park, KS 66204 // email amfenner@earthlink.net