Here's what happened, briefly...

I felt some pressure in my chest and left arm and thought, "Woo, that's different," but waited a day or two for a couple more occurrences before taking myself to the Emergency Room at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital here in NYC (my regular doctor is on Maternity Leave). I arrived at midnight Wednesday/Thursday. Each and every hospital employee, from the secretaries and maintenance folks up to the Top Cardio Folks, were there for me in a way I found very reassuring and comforting.

After a small series of tests and questions the Cardiologist Team at St Luke's, noting the little "red flag" seen in the Stress Test, said: "Let's just take a look inside" and I was catheterized. In an otherwise healthy heart, they found a minor blockage in one of the arteries, cleared it, put in a stent to reinforce the artery wall, patched up the little incision made for catheter, and sent me upstairs for a rest (I was goofy from the Feel Good Medicine used to make the operation go smoothly). That was about 6PM Friday Night (Sept 24th). Here it is, 4PM on September 25th and I've been home for an hour, settling in, getting back to Regular Life.

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